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Nautilus Spa

 Nautilus SPA : Located in the last floor, the Nautilus is arranged with two massage rooms, a sauna, a traditional Marrakech hammam ( exfoliating scrub with Ghassoul, a naturelle Moroccan soap), manicure and pedicure room, hairdresser room, hydromassage room, a jacuzzi in full area and a sports hall. Nautilus spa has an ideal vue on Marrakech for a high comfort séjour in the Imperial Plaza.

The sports hall is accessible everyday between 10 am to 9 pm. We are equipped with the latest generation of magnetic bikes, treadmill and bodybuilding machines for your personal training. Health and sports coach can come train you and help you overcome your limits at the Nautilus hall.

Take advantage of a sport, cleaning and refined experience at the Nautilus SPA center.      

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